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Handmade Soaps

Fabulous soap, handcrafted in Pleasant Hill, Iowa in small batches. Most of these soaps contain the very basic of oils to produce a medium hard bar with great lather. If the soap has a different oil content it will be noted along with essential oils, fragrance oils and added botanicals. Soaps are cured for at least four weeks and usually six so you'll receive the finest of soap. Just remember, there's no added chemicals to "keep the bar hard" so for the very best results, please keep hand-crafted soaps from sitting in water or being in the direct, spray from the shower.

handmade soaps

Handmade Soaps

3 oz bars. $6.50 each,
three or more $6.00 each


Soap Ingredients List

All Lathered Up
Shaving Bar

Our new shaving bar! Unscented, but loaded with lovely goodies to make your skin happy and get a smooooooooth shave. Perfect for ladies or gents! Clay added to this special formulation makes the razor slide very smoothly over the skin, giving a closer shave.


Made with buttermilk and carrots, this is gentle enough for the most tender of complexions. Perfect for babies, sensitive skin, or just someone who wants the very best. Unscented.

Bizzy Bee

Poppy seeds give this soap a scrubby action that will clean hard-working hands, while beeswax and honey help to heal, soothe, and protect. Unscented. Great for gardeners, mechanics, and anyone who just loves a scrubby soap.


Cinnamon and cassia essential oils are added; then fresh ground cinnamon is swirled through the soap for great color. Delectable spicy scent that is suitable for anyone! Scented only with essential oils. Vegan.

Granny's Garden Lilac Soap

A pure, fresh lilac that smells just like our lilac hedge that blooms every spring! Guaranteed to please. Scented with fragrance oil. Vegan.

Green Tea

A refreshing clean "green" soap enhanced with pure green tea herb, aloe vera, and freshly brewed green tea. Very zen! And excellent for your skin. The scent is refreshing and light - essential oils of lavender, lemongrass, orange, patchouli, and rosemary blend harmoniously in this lightly scented soap perfect that's perfect for just about anyone. Scented only with essential oils. Vegan.

Head to Toe Bar

A head-to-toe bar. Scented only with essential oil. Absolutely divine for "normal" hair (whatever that is, right?) - adds lots of body and volume, with tons of shine! A light refreshing unisex fragrance.

Herbal Hair
Head to Toe Bar

A head-to-toe bar. Scented only with essential oil. Formulated for oily hair, or for those who have issue with dandruff or other scalp conditions. It's a clean fresh scent perfect for anyone.


Lavender essential oil (produced in Oregon) and lavender blossoms. A crisp, clean classic that is sure to please! Scented only with essential oil. Vegan.


Lemongrass essential oil and ground lemongrass. This has become a favorite of many men - they're surprised by the great lather, the gentleness of the actual lemongrass exfoliant, feeling clean and even with the mild scent, you don't smell like a girl. Scented only with essential oil. Vegan.

Mary Jane's Patchouli

A Prairieland Herbs favorite! Deep, earthy, musky - patchouli is a "love it or hate it" scent. If you like patchouli, this one is divine! Contains hempseed oil for extra hippie points! Scented only with essential oil. Vegan.

No Bugs!
Head to Toe Bar

A head-to-toe bar, for use on people or pets. Contains a blend of essential oils useful for repelling bugs! Scented only with essential oils.

Rosemary Mint Head to Toe Bar

Just plain luscious! Rosemary and peppermint essential oils provide a clean, fresh "spa" scent that anyone can enjoy! A crisp, refreshing bestseller. Scented only with essential oil. Great for normal to oily hair.


With a clean, herbal scent. Unisex blend contains essential oils of mint, tea tree, thyme and sage. Excellent for extra deodorizing! Contains ground sage leaves for amazing yet gentle exfoliant. Truly a new favorite! Scented only with essential oil. Vegan.

Soothing Sunrise

Beeswax, honey, oatmeal, cream and buttermilk all combine to make this soothing and healing. The scent is soft and inviting - a customer favorite! Excellent for gifts. Scented with fragrance oil.

Workin' Man
Head to Toe Bar

Created for the hardworkin' guys of the world - who still wanna get clean and smell great! A fabulous essential oil blend of frankincense, geranium, lavender and palmarosa - clean, fresh, refreshing!

A Walk in the Woods

Fir needle, juniper berry, cedarwood and a touch of cinnamon fragrance oils reminds me of the gentle fragrance of the quiet Northwest forests. Spicy, woodsy, and seductive, this is a fabulous unisex favorite. Scented only with essential oils. Vegan.

Soap and Dish


To ensure the long life or your handmade soap, it needs to be kept away from running water (out of the way of the shower stream) and is also needs to dry in between uses - not sit in a puddle of mushy soap-water. To facilitate that, a soapdish works wonderfully

$4.00 each.

We have a Soap & Dish Gift Set too!


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