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We are addicted to scrubs; we admit it. But they feel so good! A warning: men and kids love these too, so if you think you get to savor this pleasure by yourself, chances are, you're wrong. Please use caution as these WILL make your shower or tub slippery. Scroll down for scrubs FAQ.

The combination of gritty (but not harsh) exfoliants and soothing, moisturizing oils makes you feel clean, stimulates and invigorates your skin, and moisturizes all at the same time. Like a spa in a jar! Wonderful as a foot scrub but frankly we use them all over, including our faces. They work great for dry winter skin but we love them to get our grungy, garden-dirty bodies clean in the summer too. full ingredients list for all scrubs


Scrub FAQ & Info

What's the difference between the salt & sugar scrubs?

The salt and sugars crystals are a slightly different size, so the salt feels a bit "scrubbier" while the sugar is a bit more gentle. Sea salts are naturally purifying, so you get some extra cleansing with the salt - HOWEVER, if you have any scrapes, scratches, or rashes, the salt WILL sting. Sugar is non-stinging and just a wee bit gentler, and therefore recommended for irritated or sensitive skin.

Can I use them on my face?

We've seen other places that recommend you don't use these on your face, but frankly we're not sure why. They lovely natural oils and herbs are great for your face - certainly better than alot of preservative-laden commercial facial scrubs! Donna uses a scrub on her face just about every single day. Sugar scrubs may be a bit better for delicate facial skin, but then again, Donna loves the salt scrub on her we'll just say, use your own judgement and try whichever kind you like!

Why don't your scrubs cost $40 for 8 oz? Is there something wrong with them?

For some reason, other stores love to overcharge for these things. We were at a show once where some a business a few booths away was selling salt scrub (very decent ones, we might add, with nice vegetable oils and natural essential oils) for almost three times our price. People would shell over the money for scrubs at the first booth, then get to ours and stare in awe.... and the ask what was wrong with our scrubs - why were they so cheap? Ours are NOT inferior, in any way - we assure you! We just don't feel the need to overcharge for simple, natural ingredients such as oils, sugar, and salt. In fact, if you want to learn to make your own, check out this recipe!

Why would I want to use a scrub?

They're exfoliating, and very moisturizing (we're not sure how we got through Iowa's dry, dry winters for all those years without these scrubs!). They can be very healing for people with skin conditions such as psoriasis or excema (try our Sweet Lavender or Patchouli scrubs, or make your own with our herbally infused oils). They can be good for kids too - a 4 year old niece and 12 year old nephew both love these in the winter when their delicate skin gets dried out. Guys love them for their hands (and they'll snitch them and start to use them all over when you're not us, we hear that all the time!) and they are absolutely wonderful as a foot scrub (make a big tub of hot water for your feet, scrub with the Rosemary-Mint sugar scrub, and then let your feet soak in the lovely minty/oil mixture...pure heaven!).

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