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Body & Linen Mists

These gentle, fragrant multi-purpose herbal mists are versatile - use them on your body, as an after bath spray or light perfume. Spray them on your linens, pillows, blankets or laundry for a fresh fragrance. (Use caution on delicate fabrics though - please spot-test first!) We love to use them on our couches, carpet, & in our cars.
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These perfumes are made with an oil base, instead of an alcohol base (like most perfumes) so they have a longer lasting fragrance. Just use your finger and dab a bit onto your pulse points or into the ends of your hair.

Solid Perfumes

Our solid perfumes are made with organic sunflower oil, beeswax, and whole bunch of fragrance or essential oil! They're very aromatic, and a solid, salve-ey type consistency. Packaged in 1/4 oz tins, they're perfect for travel or to carry in your purse, pocket, or gym bag, and they make wonderful gifts. $8.00 Ingredients list


Remember to check out the scent guide (above, by the logo) for a full description of all scents!

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