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>>> Product Review from Hypatia's Hoard <<<

featured in Sagewoman Magazine, Winter 2004

The Postal Goddess recently delivered another box of decadent body care products, this time from Prairieland Herbs. They offer many different lines: soaps, bath supplies, lotions, hair care, body scrubs, body oils and powders, facial care, fragrances, baby products, and pet items. I received a diverse sampling and greatly enjoyed going through them. You can visit the Website at:

About half the batch falls roughly into "bath" goodies. The "Rosemary-Nettle Shampoo" ($4.50) is actually a bar of soap, made with olive and other oils, plus nettle and rosemary herbs. It lathers up very well - and unlike a bottle of ordinary shampoo, won't spill in your suitcase! A logical companion is the "Rosemary Lavender Herbal Hair Rinse" ($8.00), made from apple cider vinegar. It aids dandruff and dry scalp, also restores your hair's natural pH balance. Another choice is the "Rosemary and Nettle Conditioning Hair Oil" ($7.00) for restoring dry or damaged hair.

For your body, there are various scrubs and bath additives. The "Sweet Lavender Salt Scrub" ($8.00) includes sea salt, vegetable oils, lavender buds, honey, vitamin E oil, and lavender essential oil for exfoliation. The "Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Botanical Bath Salts" ($6.00) are made with sea salts, jojoba, organic oats, milk powder, and honey. Both of these are ideal for magical purification. The "Tranquil Sleep Milk Bath" ($10.00) contains milk powder, cornstarch, and fragrance for a relaxing experience. After the bath, pamper your body with "Patchouli Dusting Powder" ($7.50) for freshness. Made with cornstarch, arrowroot powder, and baking soda, it soothes the skin and delights the nose.

There are a number of balms and salves, too. The "Lavender & Vanilla Body Balm" ($9.00) is made from shea butter, olive oil, beeswax, lavender and vanilla oils. It leaves your skin silky soft and smelling … well, edible. I got two of the lip balms ($2.00 each), which are velvety soft and delicately flavored. "Coconut" is made from coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and beeswax; "Tea Tree & Mint" is made from olive oil, beeswax and honey, vitamin E oil, and essential oils. The "Tangerine Lotion Bar" ($7.50) looks like deodorant but feels like lotion, melting at a touch; it has a light, frisky citrus scent and works great on dry skin. This is made with coconut oil, rice bran oil, beeswax, and essential oils of tangerine and ylang ylang. I especially like the "Healing Wand" ($6.00) which consists of olive oil, beeswax, aloe vera, vitamin E oil, tea tree and lavender oils. Think of it as solid first-aid cream, ideal for traveling. You can also get this formula as a salve. The "Lavender Solid Perfume" ($3.00) comes in a tiny tin. This soft solid melts under the fingertips, and a little bit goes a long way. It's almost impossible to find solid perfume these days, but the stuff is wonderful - it won't spill and lasts for hours. Made from sunflower oil, beeswax, and essential oil, this has a bright crisp lavender scent.

Some items are especially flexible in application. For instance, the "Sage, Cedar, & Sweetgrass Bath and Body Oil" ($12.00) can be added to your bath, or used as a lotion or massage oil. This is blended from sunflower, olive, jojoba, vitamin E, and other oils. It has a subtle yet complex scent, sweet and green; the texture is rich without being greasy. It also comes in a very nice cobalt pump bottle. The "Balance Herbal Hair, Body & Linen Mist" ($5.00) has a delightful fresh scent that is calming yet uplifting. The base is distilled water and alcohol scented with essential and fragrance oils. You can use it on your body, in your car, for freshening sheets or drapes - very versatile. The "Lavender Dryer Sachets" ($6.00) come two per package, muslin bags stuffed with dried lavender. Tumble them in the dryer to freshen your laundry, or keep in your drawers and linen closets.

The pet care products are also nifty. The "Catnip Toy" ($3.00) is as basic as it gets: a plain muslin pouch stuffed with what smells like extraordinarily potent catnip. If your kitty is a niphead, merely peel off the label, toss the bag, and get out of the way. The "Canine Shampoo" ($4.50) is a chunky bar of soap with a perky scent, also suitable for cats and other pets. Made with lavender, tea tree, and citronella, it cleans well and discourages fleas and ticks.

Prairieland Herbs is a terrific resource whether you're shopping for yourself, your friends, or your pets. Full ingredient lists make life easy for those with allergies. Most products come in a choice of different scents, and some unscented. They even offer special gift sets. Highly recommended.

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