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Some places we like....

Picket fence Creamery- Our wonderful neighbors, making the most delicious Jersey milk, butter and ice cream. They also have their own garden-fresh produce (in the summer months), locally produced meats, organic foods and juices, delicious local wines, and many other wonderful, fresh foods.
Girl With A Sword
Girl With A Sword Productions - Maggie's alter-ego - She spins, dyes, and knits, and her Etsy shop has her fabulous fiber creations - handspun yarns, naturally dyed silk scarves, hand dyed yarns, and much more!
JAG Photography - product photography, landscapes, still life, nature, pets, portraits, and all genres, in both film and digital.
All In A Spin - Authorized Dealer for Columbine Spinning Wheels. Columbine spinning wheels are unique in their materials and modern design. They are versatile, durable, portable, and stylish.
Paul's Grains - A family run Iowa farm that has been organic since 1964 (that's long before it was the cool thing to do, folks). Their freshly ground certified organic grains are flat-out amazing. We love them all but especially adore the 7-grain cereal blend, and the cornmeal is just out of this world.
Jasper Winery Grapes

Jasper Winery -a favorite local winery from Newton, Ia.
Prairie Moon Winery - AWESOME organic winery in Ames, Ia.
Penoach Winery - an amazing winery practially in Maggie's backyard!

Wallypop - a great, local, woman-owned company featuring great products for natural parenting! Specializing in cloth diapers and tons of great slings and carriers.
wallpop baby sling
J. Lynne Cosmetics - a wonderful site for all your mineral makeup needs. Luscious lip, eye, and cheek colors!! She has wonderful sample sizes, so you can affordably try out lots of colors to find the perfect fit for your skin tone.
Freecycle - This site is so cool, I can't believe we never knew about this. Donate your used, but perfectly good items, or get something that you may need - all for FREE! The groups are arranged by community (city or county, depending on your area) so you never have to drive to far to participate. They are our buds, and we LOVE their stuff. :) The hemp clothes and clay-dyed t-shirts are our special favorites!
Central Iowa Small Farms - your one-stop Sample Sunday informational website!
The Essential Herbal - We adore this fabulous magazine. Everything you ever wanted to know about herbs! Tina's blog is great too.

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