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Online Gift Certificates

(We can also send a paper gift certificates if the recipient does not have online access. Just leave the email field blank, and include a note with their address in the "comments" section of our shopping cart).

Name of person(s) who will redeem

Email of person(s) who will redeem


Here's how it works: After we recieve the gift certificate order, we'll notify the recipient via email that they have recieved a gift certificate, the amount of the certificate, who sent it, and instructions for them to redeem the gift certificate. We will send a copy of the email to you, also, so you know when it was delivered. If you need it delivered on a certain date, or with a certain message, please note that information under the "comments" section of our shopping cart order form. Also please note that we do not generally answer emails or process orders on Sundays or Mondays, so your gift certificates will not be sent on those days, and while we endeavor to fill your orders as quickly as possible, we do not guarantee same-day egiftcertificate delivery.

You will NOT be charnged shipping for any gift certificates, as they are delivered electronically.

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