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Facial Serums

Drench your skin in the oils and nutrients it craves! We carefully researched and tested a wide variety of oils to come up with these truly luxurious and effective facial serums. To use: smooth a very small amount (they're concentrated!) on your skin after washing. Can be used from your decollete up to your hairline. Ingredients


These are no wimpy, water based lotions - no! Donna had these created especially for her 60+ "mature" skin.Wise Woman is for the driest, most delicate skin; 3 Citrus is best for puffy eyes/fine lines.

Facial Creams
Loaded with shea butter, certified organic rosehip seed oil, vitamin E oil, wheat germ oil, herbally infused olive oil and locally produced beeswax, these balms moisturize, protect & renew. Ingredients


colored lip glosses

Fuchsia, Coral, Bronze and Shimmer are lightly pearlized (have tiny sparkly flecks of mica) while the Brick and Berry are matte.

Colored Lip Glosses
These are too fun! Naturally colored lip glosses - made with the same formula as our lip balms but with FDA approved natural colorants to add a hint of color and shine. .15 oz. $6.00 each Ingredients


Honey-Beeswax Lip Balm
One of the first products we ever made, and still one of the best. .15 oz. $3.50 each - buy 3 or more and save $.50 per balm! Ingredients


cheek gloss

Moisturizing but not greasy, they have a dewey, natural look. We love these subtle colors! Check out what one of our customers is doing with these!

Cheek Gloss
Inspired by the popularity of our naturally-colored lip glosses, these cheek glosses provide natural, sheer color for cheeks (and lips). $15.00



Cleansing Grains

Gentle Green is for sensitive, dry, or normal skin, Minty Green for oily or "problem" skin. Each tin comes with a full instruction sheet on how to customize your cleansing grains/masque with common household ingredients such as honey, oil, eggs, cream, etc. Download this .pdf information and recipe sheet about our cleansing grains.

Cleansing Grains
Gently wet these cleansing grains to make a wonderful, soapless facial cleanser. Or, combine them with water (or yogurt, honey, or other liquid) for a deeply cleansing facial masque. 2 oz.
$15.00 Ingredients


Our Magic Mud is gently exfoliating, and uses the natural power of herbs, clay, and glycerine to cleanse and nourish your skin.

Magic Mud
A blend of green clay, powdered herbs, exfoliating jojoba beads, glycerine, and the finest skin-enhancing essential oils. Our Magic Mud is a fantastic non-soap facial cleanser, gentle enough to be used every day; simply wet skin, massage on a small amount of mud, and rinse with cool water. For a deep facial cleansing masque, leave mud on for 15-20 minutes. Gentle, mild, and great for all skin types. 6 oz.
$20.00 or 8 oz for $36 Ingredients


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