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Some completely unsolicited customer comments...

i bought your patchouli bar shampoo
on ebay some time ago, it is not
only the best bar i've ever used,
but the best shampoo period. i'm
grateful to you for selling and
heart of iowa for making!! thanks. - h.a.

I don't need anything today, but I just wanted to tell you how much I love your citrus herbal dog shampoo bar. Last year I bought ten of them for Christmas gifts for all the dog owners in the family. You very nicely included bags and free shipping. Then, surprise, surprise, my niece asked us to adopt her Shiba Inu last November. We took him to a pro previously, but this week we got brave and bathed him ourselves at home using your shampoo. It's great! The bar form makes it easy to get it all over without the concentrated flow you would get from a liquid, and the smell is wonderful. I can't say Toby would rave about the experience, but your product definitely made it easier for us. -s.h.

hi, i got the new lip balms and i tested them out. i love them. especially the tea tree and mint - very therapeutic on chapped lips that hurt. a friend claimed the mango one for herself, but my most favorite still is the honey beeswax lip balm. i noticed that the cocoa butter balms moisturized a bit longer and more intensely, but i still love the clean, light feel of the honey beeswax balm for wearing during the day. they are invisible but effective. i think i'll keep a cache of both kinds. i love the tubes - they make life easier - k.l.

I have got to tell you I really really love my belly
stuff. I can't get over how soft it makes my skin feel. I was having big trouble
with itchy skin, then my hubby (to his great delight) rubbed some of it on and
since I haven't had a problem. The smell of it is so addictive (I have stopped
wearing my own perfume, because I love the smell) and I think the baby likes it
too! I have put it on my elbows too and my feet (due to the circulation my
feet have been especially dry) and can I say I LOVE that stuff. You couldn't have
done a better job! I think that I will be forever in debt of your sister for
going through pregnancy. What a nice person, to be a tester! - s.h.

Received the Healing Salve today and have already used it on my little
granddaughter's baby bottom. I could actually see the relief on her face
after I rubbed it on. Thanks so much!! - S.G.

The powder is here and it's wonderful!!! LOVE the way it smells and feels, absolutely yummy =) You've definitely got a repeat customer here! I'll be ordering from you again VERY soon ;-) - M.D.

The shampoo bar is the most AWESOME thing I've ever used. I absolutely love it and may never use commercial shampoo again (yes, you can quote me on that). I got the patchouli one and I use it on my face now too. - L.L.

I am REALLY pleased with the patchouli shampoo bar I got last week! Myhair is the exact oppositeof how you describe yours in the auction:thin, straight, and stringy. The only person in the world with worsehair than mine is my mom. I live from perm to perm. The shampoo bar really lathers nicely and does seem to add some body with no gumminess. - e.l.

I received the perfumes I bought ...and they were INCREDIBLE!!Oh, the lilac one is just it for me!! I can't tell you how happy I am withyour solid perfumes...or the fact that I have found your company!! I lookforward to receiving the rest of my things, as well as doing business for years to come! Thank you for making a product that is truly satisfying!! - mary

I'd like to order 3 of the Lavender shampoo bars. I got the sample you sent me with my last order and I love it. I use it on my 2 month old baby boy. It's so easy to lather it up and wash his hair quickly. And at his age time is of the essence before he gets cold and starts to wail! Plus, it has eliminated his dry scalp. - b.b.

Yours are one of a
kind products and you should be proud and honored to have the
skills/gifts to make these...I know I've tried getting other "similar,
got to be as good"...but ya know folks have all them other
places beat for quality and that's worth more than any hype someone
else can offer....I may not buy much, I may not buy often, but I know
when I get it from pararieland herbs...It's the best on or off the
market!!! - r.t.

I'd just like to say that I love your shampoo, and you have a new loyal customer. I tried some
patchouli products of yours from ebay, and I am addicted. I'd also like to thank you for introducing me
to natural herbal products. My skin and hair are so much happier! I don't think I can ever be "chemically-dependant" again. It makes me feel so much better using things on my body that come from the
earth and not a lab. Thanks again. - amanda

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