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Char's Corner, #3

(Well, this one should actually be "everyone's corner" as it is a collection of hints and products from a variety of people. But you get the idea.)

conditioning hair oil

Trish chimes in about our Herbal Conditioning Oil:

Char said she couldn't find another use for the hair conditioning oil, so I thought I'd lend a hand...I have 3 additional uses for it.
1) For psoriasis, I dab a little bit of the tea tree/peppermint one on the red scaly patches my husband gets on his skin.
2) For myself, I use a few drops of the rosemary/nettle one as a leave-in conditioner on my ends each time I wash my hair; either when my hair is still damp, or right after it's dried. That prevents my hair from being difficult to comb during the day, after I've been outside, or in the morning, and it gives incredible shine to your natural highlights (that are such a big benefit of using shampoo bars and vinegar rinses) which are really brought out.

I brush it (only through the ends) with a natural boar bristle brush, (to prevent the hair from looking greasy) and then the following day, I brush it through the whole head of hair.

Shine for shine, it exceeds any shine sprays and serums I used to use and it really brings out the natural highlights in your hair!

3) Also, for hubby, who works in a cement plant and gets an incredible amount of fine dust in his hair, I also use it as a protectant, (like using a thick coating lotion on your hands before you garden) to keep his hair from absorbing the dust and keep it moisturized between shampoos.

I love the stuff! - Trish

solid perfumes

Jaime has a few words to say about our solid perfumes:

I just bought the Ylang ylang perfume solid and discovered that I can use it as a hair pomade to separate out individual strands for that popular "pieced" look. And having sensually-scented hair is a nice bonus, too ;O)

Last but not least, I, Maggie, the Queen of the Dry Winter Skin (on my legs only, I dunno why but it is really really bad!) would like to let you know that the sugar scrubs work fabulously for shaving your legs. (NOT SALT SCRUBS!!!) Admittedly, it's a bit hard on razor blades, but it moisturizes, exfoliates, and gives a nice clean shave without drying out your legs. I use it once to shave with and once after to moisturize.

Also, plain cocoa butter works very well for shaving also! Rub a chunk on and use that for shaving instead of soap. Added benefit: delicious chocolate fragrance, with zero calories. :)

sea salt body scrub

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