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Char's Corner #2

Char been busy again testing and coming up with new and innovative goodies.
All Hair Colors [neutral] Herbal Hair Rinse -
Makes a natural nail soak to help soft nails get a little more strength! Follow the directions for the hair rinse [no vinegar] and reserve some for your nails. Soak finger tips for 5 minutes, then wipe them off. Another way to treat the nails is to paint the liquid onto the nails and let it dry. I prefer painting the nail. The herbs horsetail & nettle are high in silica and can help your nails as well as your hair.
Body Balm--
Love that Body Balm. This can work as a brow tamer! After grooming your brows, try stroking a tiny bit on Body Balm on them to keep them in place.
Baths Salts-
Okay, sometimes I don't have time for a long soaking bath, but my feet are killing me. A good ol' foot soak with bath salts can bring relief. And I can work on something else while I'm soaking. Just add a heaping tablespoon of Bath Salts to some warm water in a container that you can rest your feet in comfortably. Minty stuff is invigorating. Oatmeal, Milk & Honey is soothing. Ahhhhh!

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