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Prairieland Herbs is a mother-daughter team, Donna Julseth and Maggie Julseth Howe. We started Prairieland Herbs as an official, full-time business in September, 1998. In July, 1999 we moved into the renovated shop you see here on the right. We did all the renovations ourselves, except for the electrical work, drywall and pouring the concrete. We figure it's one of the few buildings in central Iowa built almost entirely by female labor??
Prairieland Herbs Shop
Flowers by the garage
We have almost 2 acres of land, which is filled by Donna's house, various outbuildings, and gardens everywhere. We grow a wide variety of perennial and annual herbs and flowers, and spend our summers planting, mulching, harvesting, and drying herbs and flowers for use in our herbally infused oils and other herbal preparations, as well as dried flowers bouquets and wreaths.
We create, bottle, label, package and ship your orders entirely by hand, ourselves. All our herbal products are made in small batches, using fresh, natural, food-grade ingredients (except the fragrance oils). Our kitchen is filled with bags of herbs, bottles of oils, jars of honey, buckets of oatmeal, salts, sugars, and much more - simple raw ingredients that are recognizable and understandable - no scary synthetics, preservatives, or petroleum by-products.When you place an order with us, chances are we will make up your product on the very day we ship it. Freshness, quality, and customer service are what sets us apart from the rest.
Basket of Peonies
Prairieland Herbs Sign

If you are able to visit us, here's where we are! Pretty much in the middle of nowhere (also known as IOWA) with cornfields all around. Here's a map, if you'd like to come visit. Our retail store is open Thursdays through Saturdays, 12-5 CST.

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